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Our Speakers

Our guests and topics include:

Aaron - Mr. MFI - Managing FI.com

Topic: Happiness Dividends: Making Your Experiences Pay Back

Aaron runs the blog Managing FI which is focused on helping educate people about both finances and money mindset topics to help them pursue their own FI dreams. He is an engineering manager by day with a passion for teaching and helping others improve. At 30 Aaron divorced and had a pretty minimal net worth. That experience made him realize that even with a good job, life can throw some financial curveballs at you. At 33 his mom died at 63 years old – not even “normal” retirement age. That really kick-started his interest in investing with the realization that there’s no guarantee how much time we have on earth. Finding the FI concept in 2019 finally gave him a north star to work towards and he’s been focused on saving, investing, learning and teaching ever since. During the workshop Aaron will talk about the concept of happiness dividends. This is the idea that when we invest in experiences, they pay us dividends in the form of happiness for many years after the original experience. He’ll discuss how you can use this idea to extract the most happiness from the money spent on experiences. Additionally, we’ll explore ideas for how you can get those experiences without derailing your path to FI.

Anne-Marie Gaynor - Irish Budgeting Mammy

Topic: Broke single mum to debt free and now building wealth!

Ann-Marie, best selling book author of “The Budget Book”, owner of the site “Irish Budgeting Mammy” and mum of four children also works full time as a psychiatric nurse.

She will present on how getting a sense of control on your personal finances through her own experience of paying off debt whilst studying full time, losing job in recession and rebuilding her financial ground from scratch.

Ann-Marie learnt to manage finances in a way that is easy to understand and allow you to make the most of your money. Ann-Marie believes income is often not the issue but more to do with poor budgeting and as someone who has has freed themselves from all consumer debt using a method of money management, which she feels can be helpful to anybody struggling with their finances.

She will present to you the tools and methods she has worked with to control and manage your income. Through her holistic approach to finances, which not only concentrates on your money but every part of your being she will explain why finances should not be a taboo subject but something we should talk about.

Alan Purcell - Cloud Tax & Accounting

Topic: Know your taxes in Ireland to move towards FIRE

Alan is a Chartered Accountant (Chartered Accountants Ireland) and is currently completing the Chartered Tax Advisor program with the Irish Tax Institute.

 He has a passion for working with sole traders, individuals and small businesses, to refund or reduce tax liabilities where possible.

Alan will present and discuss live the tax system in Ireland for individuals, to help give an understanding on how your taxes are calculated, when higher taxes kick in, where is the sweet spot to keep your tax liability down and help you save more towards your financial independence.

He will also touch on tax free incomes you may not be aware of and how to minimise your tax exposure while maximising the amount you can keep.

No matter what stage of the FIRE journey you are at, w all need good tax and accounting advice on our path to Financial Independence and early Retirement.

Michael - The Irish FIRE Podcast

Topic: Ways to increase your Income in 2022

Michael, from the Irish FIRE Podcast explores various ways to increase your income in 2022. With remote work on the rise, new opportunities exist to increase your income to levels that will allow savings rates of 50% and beyond.

In 2017 he made the decision to start to journey towards financial freedom and was sick of selling his time for money. Realising that through the power of compounding interest he could work towards financial independence, 
freedom for himself and his family became very important.. 

The ultimate goal being to build a portfolio that produces enough monthly income to cover my monthly expenses – at that point, Michael will be truly financially independent. Having previously spoken about the different type of FIRE such as Flamingo Fire.

Michael now wants to show you how freelancing and remote working can dramatically bump your income generation to new levels. This can be  a reality right now for those who know how.

Miroslav Jedinák -Achieved FIRE very Quietly!

Topic: Intentional habit-forming can help you achieve FIRE

At the last live Fire Dave event, Miroslav presented on how doing what you want, being where you want to be with people you want to be with is more important than a race to achieve FIRE as soon as possible. Living your life in expectation of future happiness seems to be a bad idea.

It took more than 150 books to read and countless podcast episodes to listen to figure out that the only sustainable strategy is to perform consistently day in day out in all areas of life. Introducing the right habits, bundling them into routines is essential for long-term success and happiness.

Miroslav is now back to explain why it is important to have the right systems in place to help you build synergies with habits, how to eliminate non-essential activities, and avoid distractions to set you up for success in the area of life that is important to you.

As an active member of the Slovak FIRE community, Miroslav is always willing to help both newcomers and most experienced FIRE members mostly in the area of habit building, personal finances, minimalism, and real estate investing..

Miroslav, 39, married, proud dad of two kids is a prototype of an “if I can do it – you can do it” person who has achieved FIRE quietly, without too much hustle one real estate investment at the time.

Ruth Whelan- Mrs. Hawkins House.com

Topic: Eternal Budgeting or Freedom With FIRE?

Ruth runs the blog Mrs. Hawkins House, which is focused on the topic of ‘family life on a budget’. She completed a no spend year in 2018 paying off a significant amount of debt.
Ruth values community and went on to study a BA Community Development (debt free) following her no spend year. She now recognises that the lack of a debt free community in Ireland that she was aware of in 2017, was key to her not progressing more quickly in her financial journey.
Through encouraging others to deal with their early-stage budgeting thoroughly and swiftly, she hopes to inspire others to move towards their goals and aspirations confidently. She strongly believes that knowledge is power and today, Ruth is teaching people her method of thorough pre-budgeting through social media and her blog.
Ruth believes that too much time can also be wasted remaining in an ‘eternal budgeting’ cycle when there are other options out there not least the FIRE movement. There are many complex reasons that people do not progress in or even start on their financial journeys, but she would like to at least tackle some of those barriers through building community online.
This concept of removing barriers to financial progress through shared knowledge and non-judgemental community is what she will present to us in this event.


Fire Dave - (Event Host & Sponsor)

I am Fire Dave and it is an honour and pleasure to be your live event host on January 10th 2022 back by popular demand. My vision is to inspire others through my own inspiration but don’t simply take my word for it let us all kick of the new year 2022 together with renewed motivation and some laser focus. I bring you this exciting panel of speakers all active members of the FIRE community live over 4 hours! We will share with you the financial, phycological and strategic experience needed to help you on your FIRE journey. Whether you are just learning, starting out on the road to financial freedom, trying to stay motivated and sharpening your skills or you have already reached early retirement and are seeking new personal and financial growth opportunities; there is something for everyone here. I will run interactive poll sessions during the live and ensure you have a voice during the Q & A throughout. We will have spot prizes during the night so help us in welcoming you on the 10th and reserve your ticket today and in turn support us so we can keep on delivering you the message of the FIRE movement, see you soon…


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