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September live FIRE event

16 September 2021 - Online, Ireland

Our Speakers

Our guests and topics include:

JL Collins - Financial Expert and Author

Topic: The Simple Path to Financial Independence

JL Collins is the author of The Simple Path to Wealth: Your Road Map to Financial Independence and a Rich Free Life and the blogger behind of the famous Stock Series on https://jlcollinsnh.com. He is also known as the Godfather of Financial Independence!

JL Collins will speak to us all at 8pm Dublin time, live from Chicago!

He will discuss his new book, “How I Lost Money in Real Estate Before it was Fashionable”, which will be coming out in October..

He is one of the most famous and inspirational figures in the index investing and Financial Independence community, this fireside chat is not to be missed..


Kel Galavan – Mrs Smart Money

Topic: 7 Habits of Mindful Money to Supercharge your path to FI

Kel is founder and CEO of Mrs Smart Money, a money mentor and QFA on a mission to economically empower women through healthy focused financial habits and financial literacy. In 2018 Kel Galavan stepped back from her 16-year career in pharmaceuticals as she felt her children’s childhood was passing her by and she wasn’t around to see it. She embarked on a No Spend Year in 2019 cutting the family’s outgoings by €27,500 and having the best year of their lives. Kel can be found on LinkedIn, Instagram and her sell-out book Mindful Money, more money more freedom more happiness, available wherever books are sold.

Many roads lead to Financial Independence; some are more challenging than others. Why take the difficult path when the easy one gets you there, most likely faster and with less effort. Keep your energy for the fun things in life. Forming good money habits early in your FI journey will have compounding effects that will supercharge your money without losing out on living a life you love now. Life is for living; learn about the seven habits of mindful money and enjoy the journey..

Emer Farrell - One Foot in the Save

Topic: From Swimming in Debt to Soaring to an Early Retirement
Emer Farrell is the lady behind the popular Instagram account @onefootinthesave. Her journey to Financial Independence started just over 2 years ago, and in that time she has managed to become Debt Free and build a plan to enable her to retire early. Working full time in the world of software, she also creates and provides Meal Planning and Budgeting Tools for those who want to get on top of their finances. She is somebody who previously felt that retiring early was never going to be possible for her, but with a mindset shift and a change in financial habits, she has now set her sights on an early retirement and a fulfilled life! She lives with her partner Damien in the beautiful heritage town of Birr and they are very much on this journey together; looking forward to the days when they have full control over their own time.

Emer will talk to us about her own Debt Free Journey and how Financial Independence is an achievable goal for the everyday working person! Emer’s goal is to make the learnings of the Financial Independence Community accessible to all..

Michael Houghton: The Irish Fire Podcast

Topic: Early Retirement Made Possible
Michael is host of The Irish FIRE Podcast and is an IT contractor based in Limerick. Michael is originally from New Zealand and while he loves living in Ireland, the high tax rates means that trying to retire outside of using a pension becomes incredibly difficult. He made the decision to start his journey towards financial freedom In 2017 after realising the power of compounding and getting sick of selling time for money.

He sees financial independence as a way to use money to buy freedom for himself and his family. In this live presentation Michael will seek to present several alternative options to early retirement which make achieving FIRE in Ireland possible and which are far easier than the traditional FIRE route..

Chris & Steve - Empty Nesting Nomads, FIRED!

Topic: Post FIRE: Stayed FIRE while Nomading!

We’re Chris and Steve our international guest speakers. We’ve sold it all, retired from Corporate America, packed our two carry-ons, and fleed out into the world.

Chris loves to share hiking, housesitting and vegan-eating tips, while Steve shares his Forex knowledge. Together, we’ve visited over 62 countries and all 50 states.

The secret to our affordable lifestyle is through strategic accommodations via housesitting and Airbnb stays. We throw in travel hacking to make things interesting.

Miroslav Jedinák - Super High Performer FIRED!

Topic: What did I learn by studying 150 + self help books?
More than 150 books read over a 6 year period and an excess of 1700 hours of listening time, countless podcast episodes, and blogs reading make Miroslav one of the most curious people in the FIRE community. Miroslav is an active member of the Slovak FIRE community, willing to help both newcomers and most experienced FIRE members mostly in the area of habit learning, personal finances, minimalism, and real estate investing..
Miroslav, 39, married, proud dad of two kids is a prototype of an “if I can do it – you can do it” person who has achieved FIRE quietly, without too much hustle one real estate investment at the time.
During the workshop, Miroslav will talk about the moment that changed his life and discuss the importance of balance in life. Miroslav will share his learnings from achieving FIRE and what has followed. Is FIRE your ultimate goal? Think again!

Fire Dave - (Event Host & Sponsor)

I am Fire Dave and it is my pleasure to be your live event host on September 16th. My vision is to help you hit FIRE faster and rather than simply take my word for it, I bring you this exciting panel of speakers all active members of the FIRE community live over 4 hours!

We will share with you the financial, phycological and strategic experience needed to help you on your FIRE journey. Whether you are just starting out on the road to financial freedom, trying to stay motivated and sharpening your skills or you have already reached early retirement and are seeking new personal and financial growth opportunities; there is something for everyone here.

I will run interactive poll sessions during the live and ensure you have a voice during the Q & A throughout. We will have spot prizes during the night so help us in welcoming you on the 16th and reserve your ticket today and in turn support us so we can keep on delivering you the message of the FIRE movement, see you soon…

Any queries contact dave@firedave.com