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Live FIRE Event 2nd April 2022

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Our Speakers

Our guests and topics include:

Helen Creegan-Walsh - How to Create Wealth

Topic: An Abundance Mindset to Increase Your Wealth

Helen from How to Create Wealth joins us to discuss the benefit of clear goal setting when creating a life of true abundance. Helen will show us how it it possible to 2x, 5x or 10x your income with very little additional effort as success is truly 95% mindset and 5% strategy.

As a financial advisor and mindset prosperity mentor, Helen works with clients looking to increase their wealth, work less and love what they do so in preparation for this presentation Helen invites you to ask yourself: 

What are you Goal? Do they excite you? Have you achieved them before? Do you have a clear vision and purpose in what you love doing?

You will learn how to design a life of wealth with time, health and money for true freedom, they are all there for you.

Helen will explain how stepping out of a limiting mindset and using imagination most people think they want more money that they really do and settle for a lot less than they could get.

Buzzword “More Than Enough”

Prizes: 2 x 30 minute Discovery Calls and 2 Page PDF Simple Wealth – Design the Numbers – Reverse Engineer Your Future.

Meagan - Mrs Money Hacker

Topic: Tips to avoid Burnout on the path to FIRE

The FIRE movement tends to attract people of a similar personality type.

  • People who think outside the box and like to go against the grain of society.
  •  People who are entrepreneurial, typical type-A personalities who set high standards for themselves.
  • People, who are key candidates for burnout.

In this presentation, Mrs. Money Hacker shares her recent experience with burnout and the hard learned tips she acquired in her path to recovery in the hopes that it will help others catch it early or better yet avoid it all together on their own paths to FIRE.

Mrs. Money Hacker (aka Meagan) is a Canadian who fell in love with Ireland (and her now-husband) on her first visit in 2005. After travelling and returning to Canada for a number of years she returned to Ireland to live in 2014.

After discovering the Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) movement in 2016, Meagan struggled to find Irish specific content on investing and working towards FI following the popular passive investing approach through exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Her blog was started to share her research in plain English as well as her own journey to FI and ultimately help others look at money differently in order to live a simpler, more purposeful life.

Buzzword: “Mental Wellness”

Prize: Free ticket to the next FIRE event

Interview #2 – Mrs Money Hacker – Paying off mortgage before investing!

Jesse Cramer - The Best Interest

Topic headline: 7 Fantastic Facts to Improve Investor Psychology

Stonks only go up…right?!

Ok, we know that’s baloney. The stock market is a fickle beast. And it’s a vital component in most people’s FIRE plans. The more you know about it, the better.

“VTSAX and chill” is a solid strategy. But this talk will take you a few levels deeper. The more you understand about the stock market, the more likely you are to make long-term choices that help you reach your goals.

This talk will cover fun, curious, and potentially scary facts about the stock market. You’ll walk away better informed about your investments and your FIRE plans. And heck – you might even decide to make a trade or two.

Buzzword: “beat the market”

Prize giveaway: copies of Money Mastermind

Alvar Damen - FI Europe podcast host

Topic: Lifecycle investing, How To Diversify Across Time!

Alvar is from the Netherlands, 29 years young, and living in Edinburgh (Scotland). By day, he is working in IT but by night he dives into his passion for IT freelance work, podcasting, and personal finance. He has been one of the FI Europe Podcast hosts for the last 2 years with 275K downloads, the organizer of the FI Edinburgh Meetup, and the FI Europe Retreat.

Having spoken at the very first Live Event, it is great to have Alvar back who is extremely knowledgeable and a keen member of the FIRE community.

Alvar is interested in ETF investing, dividend growth investing, frugal living, travel hacking, smart budgeting, entrepreneurship, and side hustles. His presentation will be about Lifecycle investing and How To Diversify Across Time..

Buzzword: “Time”

Prize: Free book – Lifecycle Investing: A New, Safe, and Audacious Way to Improve the Performance of Your Retirement Portfolio by Ian Ayres (Autor), Barry Nalebuff (Autor)

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Fire Dave - (Event Host & Sponsor)

I am Fire Dave and it is an honour and pleasure to be your live event host on April 2nd 2022. We have four guest speakers as requested by you sharing the message of Financial Independence and Early Retirement with you. My vision is to inspire others through my own inspiration and I bring to you this exciting panel of international speakers all active members of the FIRE community live !  We will share with you the financial, phycological and strategic experience needed to help you on your FIRE journey from; building an abundance mindset, goal setting, diversifying assets across time, travel hacking, ETF investing, the real pitfall of burnout and of course the investor psychology and financial facts you need to know to FIRE. Whether you are just learning, starting out on the road to financial freedom, trying to stay motivated and sharpening your skills or you have already reached early retirement and are seeking new personal and financial growth opportunities; there is something for everyone here. I will run interactive poll sessions during the live and ensure you have a voice during the Q & A throughout. We will have spot prizes during the night so help us in welcoming you on the 2nd and reserve your ticket today and in turn support us so we can keep on delivering you the message of the FIRE movement, see you soon… 

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The event has been ended. You can still now watch the Event Video.

2022 Health & Wellness live FIRE event Video!

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2022 kick starter live FIRE event Video!

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